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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorbike insurance

Motorbike is seen as the most popular means of transportation but bearing the highest potential risks for users. So motorbike insurance is the best solution to make you feel more secure during your journey.

1. Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance

Benefit of insurance
BIC shall indemnify on behalf of motorbike owner the sum which vehicle owner is liable to pay against bodily injury and property damage to the third party when using the insured motorbike.

Limit of liability:
+ Bodily injury: 50 million VND/person/case
+ Damaged property: 30 million VND/case

Premium tariff per annum (VAT included):
- 50cc and below: 60.500 VND
- Above 50cc: 66.000 VND

2. Personal accident

Benefit of insurance
BIC shall indemnity for the Insured and/or his representatives against disablement and/or death arising out of any traffic accident as per “Table of Disablement Payment Rate” of BIC

Sum Insured and Premium
- Sum Insured: at the Insured’s discretion, from 5 million VND to 20 million VND/person/case
- Premium: 0.1% x Sum Insured/person/annum
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