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Car Insurance

Automobile insurance

To be a vehicle owner, you can be hit by unpredictable traffic accident causing bodily injury or physical damage to you and the third party. Civil liability insurance, physical damage insurance to vehicle, personal accident insurance to drivers and passages will partly release you from compensation responsibilities, thus you will feel more secure when driving your vehicle.

1. Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance
- Civil Liability for the third party;
- Civil Liability for passengers;

Subject Insured
- Subject buying insurance: All auto vehicle owners, including foreigners using auto vehicle within the territory of Vietnam.
- Subject insured: Body and property of the third party; body and property of passengers under transportation contract

Benefit of insurance and Scope of cover
- In case of traffic accident caused by the insured vehicle causing damage to the third party, BIC will indemnify the sum amount which vehicle’s owner are liable to pay against bodily injury and property damage to the third party and passengers.
- Limit of liability: In accordance with regulations of MOF under Circular No. 126/2008/TT-BTC:
+ Bodily injury: 50 million VND/person/case
+ Damaged property: 50 million VND/case
Additionally, vehicle owners at discretion to choose high limit of liability coverage.

2. Physical damage to motor vehicle
Indemnifying the motor vehicle owner against any physical damages to the insured vehicle due to unforeseen accident:

Subject insured
Automobile within territory of Vietnam including: motor vehicle body, engine and other equipments.

Benefit of insurance and Scope of cover
- BIC shall reimburse the motor vehicle owner any repairing costs, partial replacement or total sum insured due to unforeseen accidents arising out of collision and overturning; fire and explosion; natural disasters such as storm, typhoon, flood, landslide, lightning, earthquake, hail; theft of the entire vehicle.
- Furthermore, BIC shall also reimburse any necessary and reasonable cost and expenses for preventing or minimizing any further loss of vehicle, surveying loss, protecting and lifting the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

3. Personal accident insurance to drivers, assistant to drivers and passengers
This is voluntary insurance for all vehicle owners within territory of Vietnam

Subject insured
- Subject buying insurance: All automobile owners, including foreigners using automobile within the territory of Vietnam.
- Subject insured: drivers, assistant to drivers and passengers.

Benefit of insurance and Scope of cover
- Traffic accident under the coverage of this policy directly connected with the insured vehicle in using.
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