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Engineering Insurance

Civil Engineering completed risks Insurance

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Impact of landborne or waterborne vehicles, Storm, Flood or Inundation ... are perils which could threaten your property. Our Civil Engineering Completed Risks Insurance Policy protects you from unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage occurred to your property.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery is valuable property of any enterprise. Machinery breakdown could occur in any kind of business. Our Machinery Breakdown Insurance protects customers against the sudden and unexpected losses to their machinery. Therefore, the Insured could have more investment opportunity from money which would have been reserved as a self-insured fund in case of no protection of this insurance.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

Risks to the boiler in the factory are very high. Explosion, merchanical breakdown, short circuit of the boiler are major risks to the Insured. Our Boiler and Pressure Vessels Insurance protects the Insured if such losses or damages occur.

Contractors' Plant and Machinery Insurance

This insurance product is for investors or organizations undertaking construction projects... Our Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance protects customers from loss or damage to its construction machinery or equipments such as cranes, road rollers, cement mixers ...

Contractors' all risk/Erection all risk insurance

This insurance protects customers from loss or damage to their construction and erection works, which starts from the commencement date and last until the completion of the project plus a period of maintenance.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment is one of the inventions of today industrial development.
It not only plays an important role to support the business activities, but also to many activities of modern life.
Customers usually have to pay attention to the risks which could threaten their electronic equipments. Our Electronic Equipment Insurance will protect customers from unforeseen and sudden loss or damage to their electronic equipments.
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