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Financial Insurance

ATM Insurance

Nowadays, Banks are always under the threats of criminals’ sabotage of ATM to steal money or damages to money whilst in the premises. How to keep Bank’s assets, reputation and brand away from above mentioned perils?

Surety bond

Surety bond is a type of guarantee in which the Insurance Company (The Surety) basing on its reputation and financial capacity comes in to written commitment with Obligee (project owner) that the Obligor (contractor) is capable of undertaking the underlying contract, otherwise The Surety will indemnity to the Obligee against any losses resulting from the failure of the Obligor to perform or fulfill the obligations as specified in the underlying contract. Under that circumstance, The Surety will recover ...

Money insurance

To be a firm’s manager, especially in banking sector, one of your biggest concern is accidental losses that might occur to your money in transit or in premises arising out of theft, robbery or stealing. Money Insurance of BIC will be your best selection under this circumstance.
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Financial Insurance