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Cargo Insurance

Insurance for specific cargos

Besides coverage for common goods, BIC also receive cover for special goods that has its own specific characteristics, including cargos such as:
- Insurance for coal;
- Insurance for bulk oil;
- Insurance for frozen food
- Insurance for frozen meat

Air Cargo Insurance

Coverage for an air carrier's legal liability for damage, destruction, or other loss of a customer's property while being shipped. Coverage is on an All Risks basis subject to specific perils excluded in the policy. Air cargo insurance is a form of Marine Insurance which at one time only covered goods in transit over waterways.

Inland transit insurance

Inland transit insurance is type of cargo insurance for goods transported within the territory of Vietnam by road, rail, river and coastal vessels.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo in international or domestic trade. Goods may be transported by sea, air or land. Policies and coverage are tailored to clients' needs.
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